Cattle Prices More Positive – IFA

IFA National Livestock Chairman Henry Burns has said the cattle price situation is generally more positive this week. He said both factories and feeders know that the numbers are getting tighter and more is going to have to be paid over the next two to three months for cattle.

Henry Burns said the steer base price is at €4.20/kg and the heifer base at €4.30/kg. He said bulls are also selling well with U grades making €4.30 in places and Us with some Rs making €4.25/kg. In addition, O grade are making €4.00 to €4.05/kg.

The IFA Livestock leader pointed out that the official reported price from the Department of Agriculture for week ending April 6th was an average of €4.28/kg for R=3= steers and €4.38 for R=3= heifers. In addition R grade bulls were paid an average of €4.18 and U grade bulls €4.29.

Henry Burns said the latest weekly kill figures have falling back under 30,000 head and this has left factories anxious for stock.

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