Ireland Takes Chair of European Farmed Seafood Council

Ireland steps up challenge of putting Blue Growth on European map – Flynn to head new European Consultative Council on Aquaculture.
As an important producer of shellfish, salmon and trout, Ireland, represented by Richie Flynn of IFA, welcomed the role of chairing the new EU Aquaculture Advisory Council at a meeting in Paris today (Thursday).

At the first meeting of the new Aquaculture Advisory Council (AAC) in Paris today, IFA Executive responsible for aquaculture, Richie Flynn, was elected as chairman in his capacity as a representative of the industry for over 20 years to organise and present the combined views on the sustainable development of farmed shellfish and finfish products and the coastal economies they represent.

Working with the Directorates in the European Commission and the European Parliament the individual working groups on finfish, shellfish and general issues – tying in with farmers, consumers, environmental NGOs and service providers – will propose policy to take agreed positions to the highest levels at EU level.

The Council will discuss a wide range of issues – helped by specific working groups on environmental, development, production, research and technological issues and by member state governments and state agencies.

The shellfish and finfish aquaculture industry in Ireland is worth nationally €150 million at farm gate prices and supports more than 1,000 jobs around the coast. Up to 80% of the high quality seafood products from the Irish sector is exported. In Europe, aquaculture is important in freshwater trout and carp farming in mid and eastern countries, in mussels and oysters in France, Spain, Holland and the UK as well as the very important Mediterranean bass and bream sector in Greece, Italy, France and Spain. The industry supports 85,000 jobs in 14,000 individual companies.

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