Meat Factories Must Make Signficant Move on Price – IFA

The Executive Council of the Irish Farmers Association met in Dublin today to consider the outcome of last night’s Beef Forum, and to discuss the next phase of the Association’s campaign to get a price increase for farmers that reflects the higher returns from our main export market in the UK.

IFA President Eddie Downey said the mood among members of the Executive Council was one of deep frustration at the failure of the meat factories to pass back the stronger prices in our main market in the UK to farmers here. “At today’s meeting, our County Chairmen reflected the views of the thousands of farmers who supported our 48-hour protest this week, who are resolute in their determination that factories respond on prices.”

Eddie Downey said the Association’s Executive Board will meet on Saturday to assess the progress made on prices and decide on the next move.

IFA National Livestock Chairman Henry Burns said agents will be setting prices tomorrow for cattle to be delivered next week. He said prices are rising and he advised farmers to demand more and negotiate the full value of their cattle. Henry Burns said farmers are securing 5c-10c over quoted prices in some factories and supplies are extremely tight. Factories are struggling to get numbers for the Christmas kill.

Eddie Downey said the Executive Council was satisfied that significant progress was made by the IFA at the Beef Forum on the specification issues that have bedevilled the relationship between farmers and the meat factories all year. They included issues such as the reinstatement of the Quality Payment System, the removal of weight limits and a new Quality Assurance incentive payment for all steers and heifers from Jan 1st 2015.

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