Eu Commission Move on Food Supply Chain Must Improve Prices for Producers – Bryan

IFA President John Bryan has welcomed the EU Commission’s move to establish a High Level Forum for a Better Functioning Food Supply Chain to increase price transparency and tackle unfair contractual practices in the food sector.

The Forum also aims to promote sustainable and market-based relationships between stakeholders in the food supply chain and to address a common approach on relevant competition policy in Member States.

John Bryan said this was a positive move by the Commission and recognises the difficulties being experience by primary producers in the food supply chain. He said retailers have a responsibility to ensure that a fair price is returned to processors so primary producers can survive. “When input costs for primary production increased in the past, the food chain, including farmers and retailers, absorbed the increased costs. However, this year feed prices have increased at primary level by over 30% and retailers continue to profit while producers go broke.”

Mr Bryan said, “The two-year mandate set for the Forum to complete its final report is too long. The Commission should finalise its finding within 6 months on this highly important issue.”

The IFA Retail Project Team will meet the Government-appointed facilitator John Travers on Friday to discuss the Code of Conduct for the retail sector.

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