IFA – Cattle Feeders Resisting Price Pressure

IFA National Livestock Committee Chairman Henry Burns said cattle farmers are not prepared to sell cattle at the lower quoted prices from the factories and are strongly resisting any price pressure.
Henry Burns said cattle supplies are very scarce and will remain tight. He said, “A lot of feeders have already slaughtered cattle. The kill is way ahead of this time last year because of the exceptional thrive at grass last autumn.”

The IFA livestock leader said farmers should dig in and fiercely resist price pressure from some of the factory groups. He said the factories are not succeeding in getting the cattle at the lower quoted prices and are being forced to pay significantly above quotes to get numbers.

Henry Burns said the base price for steers is ranging from €4.00 to €4.10/kg, heifers at €4.10 to €4.20/kg and bulls are at €4.05 to €4.20/kg. He said cow prices are ranging from €3.36 to €4.00/kg depending on weight and quality.

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