IFA – Feeders Digging in for Beef Price Increase

IFA National Livestock Committee Chairman Henry Burns said feeders are digging in for a beef price increase to cover the increased costs on feed, fuel and fertiliser. He said feed has gone up again in the last week and cattle in sheds since last autumn have encountered major costs at this stage.

Henry burns said with the kill down below 25,000 head, feeders that are prepared to dig in hard and move factory if necessary, are getting 5c to 10c above quoted prices.

The IFA livestock leader said farmers should not be afraid of moving factories to get a price lift. Some factories are offering top up cheques on the base price to hold customers and give the impression prices are not rising.

Henry Burns said steers are making €4.05/kg with some tops of €4.10/kg being paid. Heifers are making up to €4.15/kg again with some top prices of €4.20/kg being paid. Bulls are the trickiest with prices ranging from €4.00 to €4.10/kg for R grades and €4.10 to €4.20/kg for U grades. He said R/U grade bulls re making €4.15 flat. Cows are ranging from €3.60 to €3.90/kg with a few top prices of €4.00/kg for real quality cows.

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