Cattle Prices Rising – IFA

IFA National Livestock Chairman Henry Burns said with demand for the Christmas trade rising sharply, now is the time for cattle prices to increase. He said there is major scope in the market place for factories to return higher prices to farmers. The gap between Irish and UK prices is still massive and supplies have tightened with factories actively looking for stock.
Henry Burns said cattle prices need to increase substantially to come near meeting the increased costs of production out of sheds this winter.

The IFA livestock leader said steer prices had moved up to a base of €3.95/kg with €4.00/kg being paid by some outlets to get stock. He said factories are actively looking for cattle and the base price for heifers had moved up to €4.10/kg with top prices of €4.15/€4.20/kg paid in places.

Factories are also very interested in bulls paying €4.10/kg for R/Us. Cow prices have moved up with €3.30/kg to €3.90/kg paid.

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