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Pig Market Update 5th August

Irish pig prices official remain stable with pig farmers receiving €1.64c/kg – €1.68c/kg in all the main export plants this week.  Farmers sending pigs across the border to Karro Foods in Cookstown have reported small increases due to high demand with 2c/kg more being paid this week.

There is defiantly more appetite from pig factories this week with plenty of farmers reporting to secure 2c/kg increases for deliveries this week.  IFA Pigs Chairman said that is not unofficial 2c/kg increases that framers should be getting, but official pig price increases up to €1.70c/kg. The domestic pig meat business remains very strong, with reduced volumes of imported pigmeat product coming into the country since the onset of Covid-19 restrictions. Our biggest export market, the UK remains the leading pig price today and a there is a buoyant export trade for all pigmeat products to China. All these factors indicate that Irish pig farmer are entitled to €1.70c/kg in the short term.

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