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Potato Market Update 10th August

Retail sales and home consumption have plateaued again due to soaring temperatures and peak holidays period. Trade to the food service sector remains buoyant. The second heatwave in less than a month is likely to have an impact on maincrop yields as drought conditions kick in – late planted crops will be worst affected. There are numerous reports indicating that crops have ‘shut down’ again as temperatures soar above 25 degrees, unirrigated crops are stressed and growth rates negligible. Irrigation is in full swing where available. 

In the U.K. crops are under serious pressure due to a prolonged heatwave with very little rain. Irrigated crops have survived well but rapid senescence is now taking place and many will be burnt down over the next ten days. High dry matter levels will make crops susceptible to bruising and there have been rejections again this week on maincrop varieties and salad M.Peer. Many countries across Europe are reporting that planted acreage is down on 2021. Yields are also reduced in many regions due to ongoing drought. 

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