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Potato Market Update 10th November

Consumption has improved slightly as colder weather sets in. Demand for the food service sector remains buoyant. 

Liftings continued where crop remains in the ground over the last week. Many growers are now finished. Input costs for the upcoming season remain a main concern for growers at present, fertiliser costs in particular are very uncertain. Excellent quality of native varieties Kerr Pinks and Golden wonders have been reported to date however, yields appear to be back on last year. 

Across Europe, liftings are almost complete and the availability of supplies direct from field has almost come to an end. With crops in store, growers are now pushing for higher prices. There are quality issues with the crop including growth cracks but to date there have been very few rejections.

In terms of exports, there is good volume movement to the Canaries again this week. Prices are described as firm and holding and there has been the odd increase for frying varieties.

In the U. K, M. Piper prices remain firm with most crop in store. Again, growers are pushing for higher prices as buyers are having difficulty sourcing best quality samples out of store. 

Rooster box (New Season)€380€450€400
Rooster 10 kg (New Season)€4€5€4.50
Queens 10 kg bag€5€6€5.5
New Season Kerr Pinks€5€6€5.50

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