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Potato Market Update 11th October

There is very little change reported on home consumption and retail sales which remains buoyant. Unfortunately, unsettled weather has returned after a few days of dryer weather. As a result, harvest conditions remain extremely difficult which brings about many challenges. Demand remains strong for any new season crop as it becomes available. So far, yields are reported to be around average with fields quite uniform. 

Demand has eased back in Europe, however, there are more signs of stability in France, Germany and Holland following some increases last week. As countries begin to release their 2023 planted acreage figures, there appears to be a significant shift from fresh to processing varieties again his year.

In the U.K. harvest conditions have improved but remain very challenging. In Scotland, clearance for storage is now up to 20% with total clearance around 35%. Some impressive work rates have been reported for self-propelled harvesters over the last four days.

Rooster box (new season)€600€650€625
Rooster 10kg (new season)€7.50€8€7.75
Kerr Pinks 10kg (new season)€8€9€8.5
Markie wholesale (chipping) 25kg bag€11.50€12.50€12

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