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Potato Market Update 14th June

Consumption and retails sales are at levels to be expected during the hot temperatures experienced. Irrigation of early Rooster crops continues to take place in areas. More early Queens are being dug this week. Demand for early potatoes is buoyant, with yields reported to be only average so far. Stocks of old season Rooster are reported to be very tight and prices for peeling stock are reported to be €400/tonne ex yard. 

Yields of early crops in the Mediterranean countries have been poor, which has led to ongoing demand for export and the delay in planting in Northern Europe. This has created a “window” in July and early August during which it is expected that supplies will be very tight.

In the U.K. irrigation is in full swing and it is reported that bulking rates are slowing down in areas where irrigation is not available. 

Rooster box€480€530€500
Rooster 10 kg €5€5.50€5.25

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