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Potato Market Update 15th December

Demand and consumption are buoyant this week as we approach Christmas week and colder weather also increases consumption. Yield dig figures indicate that yields were slightly increased on rolling average yields of the past few years. However, it was noted that there were some issues in crops that resulted in lower yields in certain counties. Cold spring/ early summer months, followed by drought conditions in July where crops were ‘shut down’ contributed to this variation. 

In Europe, the effects of various lockdown measures over the last few weeks are becoming more apparent. The heightened nervousness related to Omicron is causing buyers to keep stock levels to a minimum and trade is flat. Prices are generally unchanged. Peelers who produce “fresh fries” for the catering sector report a decline in demand of 10 to 25% due to lockdown restrictions. Factories are running at full capacity and physical prices are described as “holding to firm” with some increases this week. Export markets remain active, particularly for Eastern Europe.

Rooster box €380€450€400
Rooster 10 kg €4€5€4.50
Queens 10 kg bag€5€6€5.50
Kerr Pinks€5€6€5.50

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