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Potato Market Update 15th February

Retail trade and home consumption remain largely unchanged this week. The school mid-term break has increased demand for processing material, again the price of peeling material remains buoyant. There are some indications that stocks are tighter than this period last year – the full results of the IFA survey will be available shortly. 

As farmers plan for the planting season the price and availability of land for planting is unattainable in many regions. This coupled with existing challenges for potato growers is hammering growers’ confidence.  Producers need to ensure they don’t jeopardise the viability of their crop by paying over the odds for land.

In the U.K. there has been a ground frost in some areas on two mornings this week but damage is not extensive. Plantings have been halted in some regions as a result. First chipping varieties including Sagitta are being planted this week.

Across Europe, factories are working at full capacity and buyers from Belgium are driving the market. Good progress has been made signing contracts but factories are still looking for more area to supply French fry production and for crisping.

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