PotatoPotato Market Reports


Consumption and sales remain stable this week in contrast with a normal lull for the first weeks of January. Growers are reporting that orders are reasonable, wet cold weather conditions most likely driving sales. The majority of the main season crop is now lifted with an estimated maximum of 5% remaining in the ground.

Farm gate prices are under some pressure in the wholesale market. Producers need to realise that further price reductions from current levels will not increase sales. Farmers must remain patient like any other year.

In the U.K. there has been an increase in the reports of stocks breaking down in store this week, from crops that were harvested in adverse conditions. Prices rose over the Christmas period into the New Year, it’s a question whether it was due to high quality material or a short term-demand.

In terms of exports, reports indicate that strong demand continues in the Canaries. Buyers are looking for sound material, free from soil adhesion and it has become noticeably harder to find suitable stocks close to ports over the last three weeks.

Ex-Farm Potato Prices reported to IFA

Rooster box€330€380€350
Rooster 10 kg bag€3.50€4.00€3.80
Whites box€320€370€350
K Pinks 10kg bag€4.50€5.00€4.75
Golden Wonder 10kg bag€5.00€6.00€5.50

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