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Potato Market Update 16th March


Retail demands appears to have dropped back slightly and the food service sector remains unchanged. Early plantings continue at pace this week as the weather improves. At this stage, early plantings are behind schedule; this could lead to market disruptions later in the year as early stocks will not be evenly distributed into the market.  

In the U.K. there is an element of optimism with the economy unlocking and weather improving. There are reports highlighting a further tightening of Maris Piper supplies, supporting prices and maintaining their large premium over Whites.

Across Europe, there has been good progress with land work and planting of early crop this week. Physical prices for processing have flattened off as buyers complete covering their immediate needs although there is still interest in May/June delivery. In the fresh sector, export demand is quiet but in Germany higher prices have been paid for washing quality.

Rooster box €320€380€350
Rooster 10 kg €3.30€3.80€3.50
Whites Box€300€350€320
Kerr Pinks€4.50€5.00€4.80
Golden Wonder€4.80€5.50€5.20

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