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Potato Market Update 16th November

Growers continue to harvest where possible, with some progress being made in the last week but conditions were very difficult. While some growers are completely finished, many have a significant amount of crop still to lift and some have barely begun. It is estimated that there could be 25% of the maincrop still to be harvested. Yield reports continue to be highly variable and eating quality is very good. 

Some quality issues such as soft rots are being reported due to waterlogged fields and this will probably continue and worsen as the season progresses.   

The National Potato Conference will take place next Tuesday November 22nd in the CityNorth Hotel Gormanston Meath this year – all growers are encouraged to attend. 

Across Europe, on the fresh markets, growers have been pushing for movement to avoid storage costs. Prices have been virtually unchanged but a small increase has been seen for very best quality out of store over the last week.

In the U.K. some growers are holding out for higher pricing but there have been more reports of rots and sprouting and some stores being opened earlier than intended. 

Rooster box (New Season)€380€480€430
Rooster 10 kg (New Season)€4.00€5€4.50

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