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Potato Market Update 17th April

As wet weather continues to dominate, very little plantings have taken place again this week. Colder weather conditions have boosted home consumption and retail sales as stocks of 2023 season potatoes continue to tighten. Shortage of supply means that packing quality stock is commanding a premium. There is still a significant number of potatoes left unharvested, with no window to attempt harvesting. Even if an opportunity to harvest these potatoes became available, the marketable yield would be negligible at this stage. 

Across Europe, fresh markets are firm, but export enquiries have slowed over the last three weeks. Imports of new crop from Israel and Egypt are increasing. Physical prices in all sectors are largely unchanged this week even though very little planting has taken place once again. In the U.K. very little planting has taken place over the last week also.

Rooster box €650€700€675
Rooster 10kg €8€9€8.50
Kerr Pinks 10kg €9€10€9.50

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