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Potato Market Update 17th Feb

Retail trade remains stable as consumers continue to cook at home. Reports indicate that plantings will begin shortly in the south east as soon as the weather allows and preparations are underway. The packing sector remains to be the dominant sector as demand remains strong for good quality material. With reduced stock and high tare values reported, potato availability will be very tight as the season progresses. 

In the U.K. there is new hope for the processing and bags sector, as the vaccination programme has ramped up significantly.   Maris Piper continue to command premium price with high-end prices firm week-on-week, gaining £10/t in England and £20/t in Scotland. Growers have had to cover some early plantings due to freezing temperatures. The forecast for next week looks more positive and good progress with planting should be possible.

In Europe, prices in the fresh sector are firm but stable. Export movement is still slow with little demand from Eastern Europe. Recent figures from Germany show that lockdown has had the effect of increasing home consumption of frozen French fries by 19%.

Rooster box €320€380€350
Rooster 10 kg €3.30€3.80€3.50
Whites Box€300€350€320
 Kerr Pinks€4.50€5.00€4.80
Golden Wonder€4.80€5.50€5.20

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