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Potato Market Update 19th May

Domestic consumption remains buoyant and retail demand remains strong, especially with the colder weather we are experiencing for this time of the year. This cold snap is also affecting the growth of early and maincrops. Recent rainfall has helped in many parts of the country but it is verging on too much, sunshine and warmth is now needed to aid crop development. There are many reports indicating that it will be a ‘late year’ which will further compound the availability of stocks for the remainder of this season.  

In the U.K. indoor dining is set to open next week and there is talk of a slight shift in demand between sectors rather than an increase in demand overall. The NPEG group has estimated that plantings in the four main growing countries will be back by 3 to 5% this year. Emergence has also been delayed by cold weather which could limit supplies of new crop in early July.

Rooster box €320€380€350
Rooster 10 kg €3.30€3.80€3.50
Whites Box€300€350€320
 Kerr Pinks€5.00€5.50€5.30

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