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Potato Market Update 1st October

With storm Lorenzo looming some growers are feeling the pressure as harvest conditions continue to deteriorate across the country, following heavy rain over the weekend. Supplies have temporarily tightened as growers struggle to get crops out of the ground, however, there is strong market demand for any produce available. Again, reports indicate that yields are not exceptional due to weather conditions earlier in the season.

Prices quoted for Whites range from €340-€400/tonne with prices of €400/tonne reported for good quality Maris Piper.

The NEPG (the big five) predict a crop of 27-27.5 million tonnes this year. This is an increase of 3% above the 5-year average and 12% more than last year. However, this is just an initial estimation when most crops are still in the ground and large variation in yields have been reported in several countries. This increase in production is not attributed to greater yields but to greater area planted this year. Reports indicate that the actual current yield in the Big Five is 44.7t/ha, which compares with the 5-year average of 47.2t/ha. Last year it was 40.0t/ha.

Ex-Farm Potato Prices reported to IFA

  Low High Average
Rooster box (new season) €370 €410 €380
Rooster10 kg bag €4.00 €4.80 €4.30
Whites €340 €400 €370
K Pinks €5.00 €5.50 €5.20

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