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Potato Market Update 22nd November

Home consumption and retail sales remain buoyant. Some dryer weather this week may open a window for some harvesting, however, conditions are still very challenging. Yields are reported to be below average and wastage due to cracks is higher than average. Market prices are reflective of the availability of potatoes in stores. Across Europe, conditions are also very difficult and lifting is very challenging. It is now confirmed that 5%+ of the seed crop in Holland is still in the ground. There are also seed of late varieties still to lift in Germany. Recent estimates suggest that 20% of the total crop is still in the ground in Holland and that it will take a week to ten days of dry weather before conditions are dry enough for any work. In Germany, France, Belgium and Holland combined there is still around 3.5 to 4 million tonnes to lift. Much of this is in coastal areas where there has been heavy rainfall again over the last two days. 

Rooster box (new season)€625€675€650
Rooster 10kg (new season)€8€9€8.50
Kerr Pinks 10kg (new season)€9€10€9.5
Markie wholesale (chipping) 25kg bag€13€13.50€13.25

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