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Potato Market Update 23rd September

Dry weather for the past week has alleviated lifting conditions for growers and progress is mainly on track now. Several reports from growers indicate that main crop yields are average, or just below average, this year. This is mainly attributed to growth cracks and greening because crops were too close to drills. The food service sector remains under significant pressure as the prospect of further restrictions around the country looms.

In the U.K. an increasing volume of potatoes are being lifted nationwide, with the weather remaining “helpful” in most regions. There are some reports of quality issues in stores with rejections this week for bruising but also an increasing number for wireworm, which appears to come into some crops very late in the growth stage.

The ongoing dry weather in France, Belgium and Holland is starting to restrict lifting, as growers are faced with rising levels of bruising and damage. Yield estimates have been described as “average” but late season growth has been curtailed by the lack of rainfall and more estimates are now saying “slightly lower than average”.

Ex-Farm Potato Prices reported to IFA

  Low High Average
Rooster box (New Season) €380 €430 €400
Rooster 10 kg (New Season) €4.50 €5.50 €5
New Season Queen 10kg bag €5 €7 €6
New Season Kerr Pinks €5.50 €6.50 €6

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