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Potato Market Update 24th January

Retail sales are holding very well for January as consumers are realising the value of potatoes in the current cost of living scenario. Cold wet weather is also boosting consumption and trade remains buoyant as a result. Saleable yields continue to be significantly reduced following grading out of store due to harvesting conditions. 

In the U.K. there has been lifting in the South West but in the East soils have often remained frozen during the day. It is estimated that about 10% of the storage crop is still in the ground in the Fens and much of this is Markies.

It appears ‘the vast majority of the crop’ which is still left in the ground in Northern Europe will be lost, amounting to between 700 and 800,000tonnes. Traders report a widespread interest in imports of whites and reds from buyers looking to cover supply in April and May. 

Rooster box (new season)€625€675€650
Rooster 10kg (new season)€8€9€8.50
Kerr Pinks 10kg (new season)€9€10€9.5
Markie wholesale (chipping) 25kg bag€14€15€14.50

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