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Potato Market Update 24th July

Overall dry conditions prevailed over the past week and irrigation is necessary for the development of   the main crop in many regions. Irrigation bans in parts of Belgium have brought about speculation that there is a wide range in yields between irrigated and non-irrigated crops with some main crop varieties  showing signs of early senescence.

Additional quantities of new season crop are coming available onto the market as liftings continue. As we approach August, lifting of Queens will begin to wind down especially in the south east. Quality reported is excellent to date.

In the UK free-buy trade of old crop has continued to tail off and much of the old crop is now reported to be predominately contracted. As more new crop becomes available, old crop packing stock may come under pressure. Similarly, at home old season crop supplies are getting very low. Again, growers are reminded not to rule out supplying the peeling market.

In relation to blight, Teagasc are currently looking at the performance of different actives, and also looking at blight fungicide programmes. Growers are urged to send in any samples to Teagasc that may be affected by blight.

Ex-Farm Potato Prices reported to IFA

  Low High Average
Rooster box €500 €520 €510
Rooster10 kg bag €5.50 €6.00 €5.75
Queens 10kg bag €7 €9 €8


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