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Potato Market Update 29th July

Liftings of Queens continue along the east coast this week, tuber numbers are reported to be slightly down but quality is excellent. The majority of Queens in the south east are now lifted and clearing well. Overall retail demand remains buoyant and the food service sector is continuing to improve. Demand for early crop is slightly quieter this week.

In the U.K new-crop accounts for the majority of crop movement in potato markets this week. Some old-crop movement continues, mostly for packing and processing but in smaller volumes. This old-crop movement will likely reduce to very negligible levels as we move into August, facing more new-crop supplies.

Across Europe demand for new season crop appears to be subdued, as demand is still focused on clearing contracted supplies of old crop. As a result of this, prices for new crop are dropping slightly. It is hoped this situation will improve in the next week. Also, the lack of demand in the processing sector is rubbing off into the fresh sector where prices are also under pressure, although there are indications that values “may have stabilised”.

Ex-Farm Potato Prices reported to IFA

Rooster box€330€380€350
Rooster 10 kg bag€3.30€4.00€3.50
New Season Queen 10kg bag€7€9€8

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