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Potato Market Update 29th June

Home consumption appears to have plateaued with slight improvement following poorer weather last week. Rainfall over the past week was welcomed by growers, although regional variation was significant. Queens continue to be lifted in the south-east this week. Demand is slow to pick up to date. It will a couple of weeks before crops are fit along the east coast. There is demand for top quality packing maincrop material. 

Across Europe, thunder storms have been welcomed, however many regions are becoming increasingly dry again. Buyers for the processing sector are restricting their movement to contracts and small amounts of excess to contract.

In the U.K. it is reported that old crop orders continue to disappoint, and stocks are slow to clear. Most of the demand is for whites. Quality samples of old crop Markies are clearing on repeat order but good samples of Agria are now very difficult to find and there have been rejections again this week.

Rooster box €380€450€400
Rooster 10 kg €4€5€4.50
Kerr Pinks€5€6€5.50

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