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Potato Market Update 2nd November

Harvest has halted across the country and with no improvement in conditions forecast, a different outlook on the season is emerging. In October alone, 106mm of rain fell at the Met Eireann Dublin airport site, double this figure – 206mm fell at the Ballyhaise site. The 2022 harvest was already delayed, as it stands, over 20% of the national crop could have to be over-wintered.

The is good demand for Rooster for peeling with prices reported north of €250 this week. Overall prices have firmed up this week. Consumption has also improved as colder weather sets-in. 

Across Europethere is an anticipation that prices for the fresh sector are improving. Growers with good quality produce are holding out for higher prices. Stocks and yields are reported to be significantly reduced which is driving price increases at present. Prices in Poland continue to reach record highs with the additional demand from Ukrainian refugees and interest from importers. 

In the U.K. for chipping varieties, demand has shown a few signs of improvement over the last two weeks and while field work is a priority, sourcing supplies has not always been easy. There are reports that buyers for the French fry sector and for the crisping industry have been targeting some growers and trying to assess availability.

Rooster box (New Season)€380€480€430
Rooster 10 kg (New Season)€4.00€5€4.50

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