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Potato Market Update 30th April

As we approach another bank holiday weekend and also due to that fact that cooler weather has prevailed over the past week, potato consumption remains buoyant. Like last week’s report store materials are getting low with more growers now finished selling.

Planting is largely on schedule with over 70% of the area completed. Growers in the south appear to be coming to the end of planting schedules. Wetter conditions over the last week have delayed the final plantings however, conditions are likely to improve towards the end of the week. Soil temperatures have remained high enough to assist growth and we should see the first earlies in a months’ time

Right across Europe planting has progressed at a good rate and would be ahead of the norm. In Belgium an increased area is expected to be planted this year- NEPG suggests 2% more. In the U.K there was increased exports from Scotland to mainland Europe to supplement the lack of quality material across the continent.

Ex-Farm Potato Prices reported to IFA

  Low High Average
Rooster box €500 €520 €510
Rooster10 kg bag €5.75 €6.25 €6.00
Whites Box €500 €550 €525
Kerr Pink 10kg bag €6.00 €6.50 €6.25
Golden Wonder box €680 €720 €700

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