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Potato Market Update 30th June

Another hit for the food service sector as indoor dining has been delayed due to concerns over the new Covid variant. Most of the Home Guard and Premiere varieties are now cleared on the market. More Queens are being lifted in the south east this week. There is good demand for early crops to date and quality is reported to be very good. Prices of Queens are reported in the region of €1000 in tonne boxes. It will be another 2/3 weeks before crops are fit along the east coast. 

Across Europe, physical prices in the processing sector are holding steady, with most factories now heading back to full production and using contracts or stocks purchased earlier in the season. Heavy storms tracked through France to the Netherlands, where many areas have received 30 to 50 mm during the week, with exceptional totals of 100mms.

Rooster box €350€410€380
Rooster 10 kg €3.60€4.20€3.90
Whites Box€320€370€340

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