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Potato Market Update 6th April

Markets remain largely unchanged at present and are reported to be subdued, especially in comparison to trade experienced during the pandemic. Energy costs remain to the fore for potato growers with stocks in storage. This, coupled with production costs for the 2022 season, is causing many growers to reconsider their plantings. Many growers may be forced to cut back on planted acreage as a result. These spiralling costs must be recognised and paid for by potato packers and retailers.

Cold weather has affected the Eastern Mediterranean this year and crops are delayed by around two weeks in Israel and Cyprus and possibly a delay of four weeks in Sicily. In the U.K, it was another difficult week for free buy of all varieties and there are reports that growers are already considering clearing stores for stockfeed rather than face ongoing costs for storage.

Rooster box €380€450€400
Rooster 10 kg €4€5€4.50
Queens 10 kg bag€5€6€5.50
Kerr Pinks€5€6€5.50

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