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Potato Market Update 6th October

Markets remain steady, with strong demand reported at processing and retail level. Liftings are progressing well throughout the country, with some regions nearing completion and progress continuing in Donegal.  Many growers are reporting that crops are slow to die back after desiccation, as many were only sprayed in early September. Again, most growers reporting that yields are average at best. The price of peeling material is reported to be in the region of €220/€240 a tonne this week. 

In the U.K. haulage issues continue to dominate movement into packers’ stores, resulting in extended loading times and slow ex field clearance. It is reported that an unsettled forecast for the week ahead has focused minds and any lower priced quotes have been more readily dismissed this week.

Across Europe lifting progress is variable. Isolated rain this week will improve lifting conditions, although it is still very dry in Belgium where irrigation before lifting is still required. Growth cracks and Hollow Heart are reported to be contributing to higher-than-normal levels of waste. Processing factories are back up to full capacity and with the ongoing strength of the USD there are good prospects for exports of product from Europe onto world markets.

Rooster box (New Season)€400€500€450
Rooster 10 kg (New Season)€4.50€5.50€5
Queens 10 kg bag€5€6€5.5
New Season Kerr Pinks€5.50€6.50€6

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