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Potato Market Update 6th September

High temperatures experienced this week may subdue consumption slightly, however, with the schools all open normal routines should balance it out. New season Rooster continues to trickle into the marketplace as crops become fit. Prices in the region of €600-€650 across the bridge in tonne boxes are being quoted. With the planting season so late this year gaps in the market are to be expected. There are also reports of growth cracks and low numbers under plants. Stocks of queens are becoming increasingly tight.  The hugely increased costs which growers have endured all season are being recognised by most stakeholders in the supply chain, but not all. 

Across Europe, yields appear to be very average to date. In northern France, buyers hope to benefit from improving yields of maincrop following another 30 to 50mm of rain although low tuber numbers are a limiting factor on late plantings. A comforting factor for growers has been the recent enquiries for export from Spain and Italy, which have come nearly two months earlier than normal.

In the U.K. for M.Piper some lower prices are quoted as growers push for orders before the storage season starts, while demand from chip shops is “flat”. Although values have fallen there are also more signs this week that growers are opting for storage rather than following the market further.

Price reporting will return shortly when new stocks become readily available. 

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