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Potato Market Update 7th May

Once again cooler weather has prevailed over the past week, potato consumption remains buoyant. Store materials are getting low with more growers now finished selling. Similarly, in the European market stocks of table potatoes are declining rapidly and prices are firm.

Remaining planting is progressing well. Wind damage to the early coastal crops was reported on the east coast as a result of storm Hannah last month. Recent low temperatures would also have affected the development of the crop.

Weather wise, dry weather conditions could be an issue for the east coast in the coming weeks. In Northern Europe water levels are already a concern, with parts of France and Germany having already some restrictions in place.

Similar conditions have been experienced across Europe as planting in ‘excellent conditions’ is almost finished but cool overnight temperatures and the fact that soils are very dry is impeding the crop slightly.

The new crop from Spain is starting to appear and European buyers have been more selective. In the UK demand for exports remains high for processing and packing supplies.

Ex-Farm Potato Prices reported to IFA

  Low High Average
Rooster box €500 €520 €510
Rooster10 kg bag €5.75 €6.25 €6.00
Whites Box €500 €550 €525
Kerr Pink 10kg bag €6.00 €6.50 €6.25
Golden Wonder box €680 €720 €700

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