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Potato Market Update 7th October

As wet weather conditions set in across the country, growers face additional challenges and liftings will be set back in some areas. Lifting of maincrop Rooster is progressing well in areas that received less rainfall such as the south west but reports indicate that yields are below average. Clearance is around 30% complete. Retail demand remains quite strong, however, the food service sector has experienced another blow as stricter lockdown measures are imposed across the entire country.

In the U.K. trade remains generally subdued. Packing Maris Piper seems to be the only material making any kind of traction. Liftings are reported to be continuing at pace, with growers trying to get some complete in the next week. Clearance is 50-75% in the South and the Midlands, with more growers starting to clear, but in the Fens and Lincolnshire progress is only 20-30%. In Scotland, lifting of ware crops is “60%” complete.

Recent estimates show that the total production in the E.U.27 is expected to be 54.8mt’s compared to 51.23mt’s last year and 56.38mt’s in 2017. Physical markets across Europe remain broadly unchanged with processors still only taking very light volumes of free buy material.

Rooster box (New Season)€380€430€400
Rooster 10 kg (New Season)€4€5€4.50
New Season Queen 10kg bag€5€7€6
New Season Kerr Pinks€5€6€5.50

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