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Potato Market Update 8th March

Home consumption and retail trade remains unchanged. There is good movement on the processing front with prices quoted at above €250/tonne. Shipments of potatoes have been exported to Portugal with good appetite for more Irish potatoes reported. Provisional stocks from the IFA stocks survey suggest that stocks are lower than this period last year and on parr with 2021 stocks. 

Growers continue to contemplate their options for planting as the numbers are simply not stacking up for growers storing potatoes with current energy prices. Potato farmers need the market to return a fair price that makes their farms viable. 

Across Europe, In the short to medium term, processing production looks to remain at full capacity, with reports from World Potato Markets that demand for product continues to increase in Asia, while production in New Zealand has been severely restricted by the recent storms. Drought is causing potato growers to be very wary of over commitment on their contracts with the threat of enforced supply if irrigation restrictions (which look very likely) come into force.

Rooster box€380€480€430
Rooster 10 kg €4.00€5€4.50

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