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Potato Market Update 9th December

The absence of a continued dry spell has meant growers in Donegal are struggling to finish the potato harvest. At this stage there will probably be some carryover into the new year.

There should be a significant uplift in the trade as we head into the Christmas period, as more people will eat up at home this year. The high tare levels in the market due to the growing season but, also from the unacceptable specifications now demanded by retailers, will ensure a shortage of prepack potatoes as the season progresses. 

With the threat of a hard Brexit still looming, British potatoes are being dumped on the Irish market before the deadline of December 31st. This is adding pressure to a peeling market already under duress from the impact of Covid. However, this situation should change depending on the outcome of Brexit talks.

In the U.K and Europe, lockdown restrictions continue to slow trade. However, with significant storage issues this year and large volumes of potatoes already off the market, the trade could improve in the new year. In addition, quality prepack potatoes are in short supply in the UK and it is highly likely there will be price rises in this category next Spring. 

Rooster box €320€380€350
Rooster 10 kg €3.30€3.80€3.50
Whites Box€300€350€320
 Kerr Pinks€4.00€4.80€4.50

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