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Potato Price Update 22nd May

Consumption of potatoes is down this week due to the warm weather conditions. In the UK, trade in the bag market was subdued over the week however prices for top quality are increasing as supplies become harder to find.

Planting is now complete for most regions. The first crop of earlies can be expected on the market in early June. The planted areas in Belgium and Holland are expected to be higher this year.  Rainfall across the country last week was welcomed for the development of the early crop.  This rainfall was also welcomed in mainland Europe last week but it was not enough to remove concern about water table levels for the season.  As we approach another forecasted dry week, irrigation may begin soon in certain parts of the country.

This week the demand for export to Eastern Europe continues but movement is very dependent on haulage availability. Enquiries have recently started from buyers in the UK with interest in Bakers, M.Piper and salads.

Ex-Farm Potato Prices reported to IFA

  Low High Average
Rooster box €500 €520 €510
Rooster10 kg bag €5.75 €6.25 €6.00
Whites Box €500 €550 €525
Kerr Pink 10kg bag €6.00 €6.50 €6.25
Golden Wonder box €680 €720 €700

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