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Potato Stocks Survey Jan 2019 – 2020

From a recent IFA potato stocks survey there were 13,774 tonnes less potatoes in store at the end of January 2020 than at the corresponding time last year.

This represents a difference of 13%. Kerr Pink stocks are down 47% on last year following market demand and whites are also significantly reduced.

The 2020 figures include potatoes still in the ground which were higher than normal due to poor harvest conditions in the back end (estimated around 1000 acres at that time). Quality of these stocks may be a concern.  It does not take tare values into account either.

It is predicted with this amount of stock in store at the end of January, there should be enough to supply the market until mid-August, similar to last year.

Another factor that we must take into account at this stage is the current situation that is unfolding at present. Over the past week demand across all sectors has been mixed. Demand from retailers this week has soared and is reportedly as high as the Christmas period when trade normally peaks. However, the food service industry is experiencing a hit due to deceased footfall and closures.

Stocks tonnes 2019 (tonnes) 2020(tonnes)
Rooster 82,725 79,905
Kerr Pinks 5398 2852
GW 1883 1633
Record 307 237
Whites 15518 7630
Total 105,831 92,057

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