PotatoPotato Market Reports

Potato Trade Remains Strong

The broken weather and cool evenings are ensuring there is still a strong potato trade. There is a slight increase in the farm gate price particularly in the wholesale and peeling markets.

With potato crop in the ground now finished, and ambient material almost cleared, peelers and wholesale buyers are now having to turn to new customers. This is creating a stronger tone in the market, which,we should see improve further in the coming weeks.


Planting progress has continued across the country, however, it is very much stop and start with the south and south east still running very late. At this stage, it is estimated that 50% of the total area remains unplanted. Across north Western Europe plantings are well advanced but it is very concerning to hear of reports that plantings may have increased this year despite the current low potato market prices.

Ex-farm prices reported to IFA 

  Low High Average
Rooster Box €240 €300 €260
Rooster 10kg €2.20 €2.70 €2.40
Whites €180 €230 €210
Kerr Pink 10kg €3.00 €3.50 €3.20
 Golden Wonder10kg €4.50 €5.50 €5.00




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