Quarterly Fuel Price Survey Shows 11% Increase in Fuel Prices and Highlights Need to Shop Around when Buying Fuels

IFA’s Inputs Project Team Chairman James McCarthy has said increasing fuel prices continue to impact on the competitiveness of the sector, with the wide variation in fuel prices across the country highlighting the importance of shopping around when buying fuels such as agricultural diesel and car diesel.

Commenting on the results of IFA’s quarterly fuel price survey he said, “Nationally, fuel prices have increased in the second quarter of this year, with agricultural diesel increasing by 11%, car diesel increasing by 8% and kerosene increasing by 7%. However, Connacht has seen the largest increase in prices, with agricultural diesel prices increasing by 21% in Roscommon and 14% in Leitrim. Other counties to experience significant price increases include Carlow, Louth and Cork.”

James McCarthy has once again restated his call on farmers to continue to challenge fuel suppliers to justify these price increases and to ensure competitively priced fuels are offered.

Currently the average price for agricultural diesel is 74.53 cent per litre, with average car diesel prices increasing by 10 cent per litre to 129.48 and kerosene has seen the smallest increase in price, with the average national price at 68.46 cent per litre.

Full details of the fuel price survey 

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