Stable Cattle Prices

IFA National Livestock Chairman Angus Woods said cattle prices remain stable at a base price for steers of €3.80 and a heifer base of €3.90. He said heifer prices are stronger with factories paying between €3.90 and €3.95/kg alone with deals on transport and clipping to get numbers.

Angus Woods said bulls are continuing to trade at €3.65 for Os, €3.80 for Rs and €3.90 for Us. Cows are making from €3.10 to €3.50/kg.

The IFA livestock leader said the official Department of Agriculture prices for week ending Feb 26th show that the average price paid for R3 steers was €3.91/kg and for heifers was €4.01/kg. He pointed out that these prices included bonuses but are the average, meaning that the factories actually paid more for half of the cattle purchased. He said the young bull prices were U3 €3.95/kg, R3 €3.80/kg and O3 €3.65/kg. Cows made €3.53/kg for Us, €3.42 for Rs, €3.19 for Os and €3.09 for P+s.

Angus Woods said live cattle exports continue to rise and reached 8,302 head for week 7, the week ending February 26th. Calf exports continue to rise week-on-week and totalled 6,646 head while 857 adult cattle, 452 weanlings and 347 stores were also exported.

Looking at destinations, Angus Woods said 4,453 head went to the Netherlands, 2,099 to Spain, 786 to Northern Ireland, 388 to Great Britain, 272 to Belgium, 244 to Italy and 60 to Greece.


Official DAFM Beef Prices for w/e Feb 19th in c/kg including VAT

Grades U3 R3 O3 P+
Steers 391
Heifers 401
Young Bulls 395 380 365
Cows 353 342 319 309

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