Strong Demand for Christmas Beef Trade Drives Up Prices – IFA

IFA National Livestock Chairman Henry Burns said there is very strong demand for the Christmas beef trade, especially from our main export market in the UK where prices remain very buoyant at the equivalent of €4.94/kg for R grade steers.

Henry Burns said factories are in full production for Christmas at this stage and the strong demand from the UK is driving the trade. He said procurement managers and agents are very active for stock and farmers need to ensure they are maximising the value of their finished cattle.” Farmers bargaining hard are negotiating prices of 5c to 10c/kg over quoted prices or first offers from the factories.”

The IFA Livestock leader said the base price for steers has risen with up to €4.10 paid. He said €4.05 to €4.10/kg base is on offer across the country and the base price for heifers is also well up with top prices of €4.25 paid. In general heifers are on a base price of €4.10 to €4.20/kg. Bulls are making from €4.00/4.10 for R grades and €4.10/4.20 for U grades. Cows are on €3.15 to €3.90/kg.

Cattle supplies have tightened considerably and the ongoing very tight supply of beef in the UK and across Europe is driving the trade here. Henry Burns said exports of finished cattle to Northern Ireland are also very strong driven by the significant better price return.

The IFA Livestock leader said the stronger trade for beef cattle was also being reflected in the mart trade with strong factory buying of early to slaughter stock. Hereford and Angus steers and heifers are in demand and quality continental cattle are a very good trade.

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