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Timber Price Survey from April- June 2024

From April to June 2024, the timber market remained stable, with no significant changes in prices across timber products. The stability in the Irish timber market reflects the broader trends across the EU and global markets which remained balanced without any major disruptions. The prices quoted in the IFA Farm Forestry Timber Market report were sourced from forest owners, forestry companies and sawmills. All prices quoted are for Sitka spruce (ex VAT). 

Roadside Prices

Product TypeLength DiameterPrice € /tonne
 (m) (cm) (Roadside) *
Pulp3 m< 7cm36-40
Stakewood1.6 m> 8cm < 15 cm 42-52
Palletwood   2.5 m> 14 cm    48-52
3.1 m65-70
3.4 m63-75
3.7 m60-66
Sawlog 4.9m> 20cm   88-94
5.5 m94-100
 6.1m 100-105
Woodchip (price varies depending on the moisture content)  45-48

Why Price Varies

  • Volume of sale on larger sales, fixed harvesting costs can be spread over the larger volumes, so the buyer can pay more per tonne for the timber.
  • Distance to market as the closer the forest is to the sawmill, the lower the transportation costs. The more the forest owner will receive.
  • Site accessibility being the ease with which the plantation can be accessed affects the selling price.
  • Market conditions can fluctuate price widely depending on demand, particularly if certain timber products inventories are low timber buyers will pay more to ensure the continuance of mill operation. 

Forestry Contractor costs

The following costs are the average harvesting and forwarding costs per tonne as per timber prices the costs may vary depending on site etc. 

Cost of harvesting and forwarding per tonne 
1st thin€20 – 22
2nd thin€22 – 24
3rd thin€20
Clearfell€14 – 16

Protect Your Investment: A harvesting or timber sales contract is one of the most crucial elements leading to a successful and profitable timber sale.

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