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IFA Timber Price Survey January to March 2023

The timber market has shown signs of recovery with an increase in prices reported in the first quarter of 2023 across all product types. With construction demand expected to continue the demand for timber is likely to remain consistent.

The prices quoted in the IFA Farm Forestry Timber Market report were sourced from forest owners, forestry companies and sawmills. 

All prices quoted are for Sitka spruce (ex VAT). 

Roadside Prices

Product TypeLength (m) Diameter (cm) Price € /tonne (Roadside) *
 Pulp3 m< 7cm 32-40 
Stakewood1.6 m> 8cm < 15 cm  38-48
Palletwood2.5 m> 14 cm   42-50 
3.1 m> 14 cm 60-65
3.4 m> 14 cm 65-70
3.7 m> 14 cm 68-74
4.9m> 20cm  85-95
5.5 m> 20cm  88-105

Timber Price Trends (Q2 2022 to Q1 2023) 

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