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IFA Timber Price Survey April to June 2023

From April to June 2023, the timber market remained relatively stable, with no significant changes in prices across timber products. The stability in the Irish timber market during second quarter of 2023 period reflects the broader trends across the EU and global markets which remained balanced without any major disruptions.

The prices quoted in the IFA Farm Forestry Timber Market report were sourced from forest owners, forestry companies and sawmills. All prices quoted are for Sitka spruce (ex VAT). 

Roadside Prices

Product TypeLength DiameterPrice € /tonne
 (m) (cm) (Roadside) *
Pulp3 m< 7cm 35-45
Stakewood1.6 m> 8cm < 15 cm 42-52
Palletwood   2.5 m> 14 cm    50-57
3.1 m58-62
3.4 m63-75
3.7 m65-80
Sawlog 4.9m> 20cm   83-96
5.5 m91-110

Timber Price Trends (Q2 2022 to Q2 2023) 

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