Winter Finishers Need a Substantial Price Rise – IFA

IFA National Livestock Chairman Angus Woods said the cattle trade is stronger this week with factories paying a base of €3.80 for steers and €3.90 for heifers. He said deals involving higher prices and payment for transport or flat prices are also more common as feeders are demanding more.

Angus Woods said prices need to kick on again this week and feeders need a substantial price rise to lift them out of a loss-making situation feeding cattle. He said that, based on market returns from our largest export market in Britain, factories are in a strong position to increase prices to winter finishers.

Angus Woods said prices for young bulls are running at €390/3.95 for U grades, €3.80/3.85 for R grades and €3.70 for O grades. He said cow prices are ranging from €3.00/3.05 for P+ grades, €3.10/3.15 for Os, €3.35/3.40 for Rs and €3.40/3.45 for U grades.

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