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Animal Health Council Report October 2020

Animal Health


  • Following IFA’s successful campaign of highlighting farmers rejection of the Herd Risk TB Letter’s the Minister for Agriculture convened the TB Forum.
  • The Minister directed DAFM officials to engage in bilateral meetings with farm orgs to discuss the details of a TB programme.
  • IFA have welcomed this approach, but have pointed out the real work of agreeing a programme that reduces TB levels and the impact of TB controls on farms is now only starting.
  • The DAFM will issue a draft TB Strategy in advance of discussions taking place.
  • IFA have set out the three key pillars that must form the basis of the new TB programme; Wildlife Control, On-farm investigation and financial supports for farms impacted by controls.
  • IFA informed the Minister and the Forum the TB Herd Risk letters are unacceptable and must be stopped including the use of the new categorisation codes in correspondence with farmers.
  • These letters are to be discussed in the bilateral meetings.

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  • Discussions are on-going to establish the direction of the programme based on the requirements set out in the EU Animal Health Law Delegated Act.
  • IFA have set out the need for full impact assessment and costing to ensure the programme that will be developed is fully resourced prior to finalisation.

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Veterinary Medicines

  • IFA continue to pursue the facilitation of Suitably Qualified Persons (SQP) prescribing Antiparasitic Products.
  • IFA have raised the issue of DC intramammary use in the new EU Regulation with DAFM and pointed out the absence of feasible alternatives and the need to ensure the health welfare and productive capacity of animals is protected.
  • Formal discussions have not started with DAFM on this component of the New Regulation.
  • IFA are progressing the development of a disposal system for farmers for unused veterinary medicines and containers.
ChairPat Farrell
Policy ExecutiveAnna Daly
Senior Policy ExecutiveTomas Bourke

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