Dairy Reports

Dairy Council Report March 2022

Farmgate Prices at 3.3% protein, 3.6% fat – January 2022

ProcessorPROTEIN €/kgc/L protein value FAT €/kgc/L fat value VOLUME CHARGEA+B-CBonusVAT exclusiveVAT VAT inclusive 
LAKELAND8.0127.244.0815.133.5038.88 38.882.1441.01
AURIVO 7.2124.514.8417.953.8138.65 38.652.1340.77
TIPPERARY CO-OP7.2624.684.8417.954.0038.630.2538.882.1441.01
NORTH CORK7.2324.564.3416.084.0036.64238.642.1340.76

Ornua PPI – January 2022

Below are the last four months prices, including VAT. 

Ornua PPI125.6131.9135.5147.2
Ornua PPI (c/L)38.040.341.645.8
Ornua Value Payment€7.95m€6.35m€3.72m€0.33m
Adjusted PPI (c/L)41.6844.3145.0346.44

Milk Supply -December 2021

Domestic milk intake by creameries and pasteurisers was estimated at 256.3 million litres for December 2021. This represents a decrease of 1% when compared to December 2020. 

Domestic milk intake for 2021 was estimated at 8,754 million litres, an increase of 5.5% when compared to 2020.

Butter production was estimated at 275,100 tonnes in 2021, an increase of 3.9% on 2020.

Cheese production was estimated at 285,400 tonnes in 2021, an increase of 2.5% on 2020.

Latest Commodity Prices 

GDT 15th February 

Cheddar Cheese€5184+3.5%

EU Spot Commodity Prices 16th February


European Futures Market – 18th February

ButterFeb – Sep 22€6008+1.2%
SMPFeb – Sep 22€36760.0%
WheyFeb – Sep 22€1350+3.2%

Dairy Vision Group

  • In January, Minister McConalogue announced the formation of a Food Vision Dairy group to implement the goals of the Food Vision 2030 strategy. 
  • Professor Gerry Boyle has been appointed Chair of this group. Proposed representatives will include IFA, ICMSA, Macra, ICOS, DII, Teagasc, ICBF, AHI, Bord Bia, EPA, UCD, Meat and Milk Policy division DAFM and the Climate Change Division DAFM. Stephen Arthur and Tadhg Buckley represent IFA. 
  • The group has had two meetings so far on Monday February 7th and Monday 23rd February. We understand it is planned to form similar groups for the Beef and Sheep sectors. 
  • One of the objectives of Food Vision 2030 is to prepare detailed plans to manage the sustainable environmental footprint of the dairy and the beef sectors by Q2 2022. 
  • The Minister outlines that he is seeking group to “produce a detailed plan by Q2 2022 to manage the sustainable environmental footprint of the dairy sector”. IFA have already outlined that this time frame is too short. 
  • Previously, the Government have outlined that they wish to have a “stable herd” going forward, in order to meet the targets outlined in the Climate Action Act 2021.
  • IFA has already outlined its opposition to any output restrictions being placed on dairy or any other sector within Irish farming. 
  •  To date the meetings have largely been focused on technical information. No proposals have been brought forward by DAFM or other stakeholders yet. 

Live Exports

  • Last December the Parliament Committee set up to investigate animal conditions during transport published their report which contained over 100 recommendations aimed to improve animal transport regulations.
  • Throughout their investigation, it was noted that Ireland upheld some of the highest standards in Europe for transporting animals. 
  • Several of the recommendations would have been detrimental to the trade of livestock both within Ireland and to our export destinations. 
  • As a result, amendments to the report were sought which were accepted following a plenary vote held on the 20th January.
  • The amended recommendations will now become the basis upon which the Commission will draft legislative proposals to update the animal transport regulations. 
  • These proposals once drafted will then have to be agreed by Council before they can be implemented. 
  • Critically for Ireland, the new amendments recommend that calves under 28 days can travel a distance of 28 days and that gestating livestock in their third trimester can travel for a maximum of five hours. The original recommendations called for an outright ban on transport for both categories of animals. 

Milk Price Calculator

  • The IFA milk price calculator is now available on the IFA website. This allows farmers to input their own monthly milk data and compares the revenues returned from 12 different processors across the country.
  • The 2021 milk price analysis will be published in March following the expected announcement of 13th payments by some milk processors. 

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