Dairy Reports

Dairy Council Report September 2021

Farmgate Prices – July 2021

ProcessorPROTEIN €/kgc/L protein value FAT €/kgc/L fat value VOLUME CHARGEA+B-CBonusVAT exclusiveVAT VAT inclusive 
AURIVO 6.6022.434.1215.264.2533.440.4433.881.9035.78
TIPPERARY CO-OP6.3421.564.2315.684.0033.240.2533.491.8835.36
NORTH CORK6.6322.533.9814.754.0033.280.633.881.9035.78


Ornua PPI – July 2021

The Ornua PPI for August is due to be published this week. Below are the last four months prices, including VAT.

Ornua PPI115.1116.8119.9118.6
Ornua PPI (c/L)34.234.835.935.5
Ornua Value Payment€6.76m€7.63m€9.67m€10.05m
Adjusted PPI (c/L)36.6536.9938.1138.72

Milk supply -July 2021

Domestic milk production was estimated at 1,018 million litres for July 2021. This represents an increase of 3.3% over July 2020. The Protein content decreased from 3.51% in July 2020 to 3.44% in July 2021. The Fat content also decreased from 4.04% to 4.00% during this period. During the period January to July 2021, domestic intake was estimated at 5,691 million litres, an increase of 6.4% when compared to the corresponding period for 2020.

Latest Commodity prices 

GDT – 17th August€4041 (+4.0%)€2585 (+1.1%)€3544 (+2.8%)
EU quotes – 25thAugust €4010 (+0.3%)€2530 (+1.1%)€3250 (+0.9%)



European Futures Market 

EEX – 27th August for Sept 2021 – Apr 2022 period€4102 (+1.0%)€2614 (+2.1%)€940 (0.0%)

Nitrates Action Programme – Second phase 

  • Submission due 20th September. 
  • 15 Proposals.
  • No analysis on the impact of such proposals on farm profitability.
  • Some proposals don’t fall under the remit of the Nitrates Action Programme
  • IFA reject:
    • Any extension of the closed period for slurry.
    • Covering external slurry stores.
    • Increases to soiled water storage.
    • Compulsory use of LESS on farms stocked above 100kgN/ha. 
  • A guidance document has been created and circulated on the consultation. 
  • We are encouraging all stakeholders to get involved in the consultation process. 

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